Wheelman Autosteering Now Supports A+ Heading

LatestFree Update to Whirl App Adds A+ Heading, Additional Features to WheelmanAutosteering

Scottsdale, AZ, June 18,2019AgJunction Inc. (TSX:AJX), the Autosteering Company™ ("AgJunction"), has announced that A+heading, along with five additional features are now available to support the WheelmanTMPro and Wheelman Flex products withthe latest free update to the Whirl app.

A+ heading is an easy way forfarmers to set a path based on a compass heading and farmers can now useWheelman to reliably follow the same direction they previously planted forspraying. For tilling, farmers can also specify an angle to cross the field,which helps reduce ridges. 

“Providing all farmers withthe most up-to-date technology is a priority for us,” said Jeff Morris, chief marketing officer of AgJunction. “Withthe addition of A+ heading support, along with five other new features, farmerscan further fine-tune their autosteering for peak performance.”

AgJunction is pleased tobring its unique expertise in solving complex control challenges to helpWheelman customers autosteer with greater precision and performance. Whirl, thefirst smart autosteering mobile app that also serves as a display for the Wheelmanautosteer products, is key to bringing these features to farmers without anyadditional cost or hassle.

The June Whirl app update alsoincludes:

  • Steering Sensitivity — Determines how aggressively the vehicle steers onto theguidance line when approaching it from close proximity.
  • Backlash — Allows the Wheelman system to compensate for slack inthe steering mechanism and direct the steering wheel back to zero degrees todrive straight.
  • Angle of Attack — Determines how aggressively the vehicle steers onto theguidance line when approaching it from a distance.
  • Cross Track Error — Measures the distance from the current drivingposition to the guidance line.

Whirl adds these features tofine-tune autosteering to account for different farming activities and speeds,implement types, and unique equipment characteristics. The free Whirl app now letsevery farmer effortlessly adjust their Wheelman autosteering system for peakperformance by providing the high value technology at a cost-effective pricepoint.

In addition, the latestupdate to the Whirl app improves the calibration step. The improvements includeadded visualization in the vehicle calibration and more robust firmware upgradesteps, as part of the ‘simpler to use’ approach.

“We’re excited to continuallyprovide up-to-date technology to our farmers at no additional cost,” saidMorris. “Additional updates to the Whirl app will be available in the nearfuture.”  

The Wheelman lineup of simple, affordable autosteering systems that canbenefit every farm was introduced earlier this year. Starting at just $3,995,each Wheelman Procomes with everything a farmer needs for easy installation and operation(install kit, IMU, smart antenna, power cable), at no additional cost. And, theWheelman Flexoffers an additional benefit, allowing farmers to easily move and use theautosteer system between their other vehicles, further reducing the overallcost of outfitting a farming operation with autosteering.

To purchase or learn more aboutWheelman Pro, Wheelman Flex or Whirl, visit www.HandsFreeFarm.com.


AgJunction Inc., the Autosteering Company™ isa global leader of advanced guidance and autosteering solutions for precisionagriculture applications. Its technologies are critical components in over 30of the world’s leading precision Ag manufacturers and solution providers and itholds approximately 200 patents and patents pending. AgJunction markets its solutionsunder leading brand names including Novariant®, Wheelman™, Whirl™ andHandsfreefarm® and is committed to advancing its vision by bringing affordablehands-free farming to every farm, regardless of terrain or size. AgJunction isheadquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is listed on the Toronto StockExchange (TSX) under the symbol “AJX.” For more information, please go to AgJunction.com.


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