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AgJunction has a wide range of software capabilities for off-road automation that can be integrated with your new or current hardware and software.  Our staff engineers and farmers truly understand the demands of off-road and autonomous technology to create solutions for speed and ease. 


We are known for our sophisticated, simplification-focused software to reduce complexity that delivers effective solutions no matter the conditions, crop or terrain.  We focus on solutions that save farmers time, money and that also have a positive environmental impact by using less fuel, fertilizer, water, dust and seed for sustainable agriculture.

Our technology is proven with over 25 years of delivering customized automation with over 10,000 deployed systems globally supporting 30 of the largest agricultural manufacturers in the world.

Our ingenuity of modular design backed by a deep mastery of precision technology accelerates the migration from prototypes to integration to market.  We won the Arizona Innovator of the Year in 2019.

Crop Field Aerial Shot


AgJunction has an automatic steering software module that offers maximum interoperability with diverse GNSS, displays, sensors, communication devices, and vehicle interface systems.

We have the most comprehensive intellectual property in the industry.  Our engineers truly understand the demands of off-road and autonomous technology are are specialized in machine control across unpredictable surfaces.

Harvesting Wheat


Path planning is a critical component to farming and when done well leads to game changing productivity.  A farmer in the back office or on the vehicle creates a new task and requests from the Path Planning module a set of operations that allow the vehicle to navigate to.  AgJunction offers a wide variety of path planning solutions including but not limited to:

  • A=B

  • A=Direction

  • A=B Contour

  • Detour A=B Contour 

  • Pivot

  • Freeform Contour

  • Pre-planned Guidance

Path Planning 2.png
Farming Field



This functionality automates the turning on headlands. The direction of turn and the next target track can be defined by the user. 

The following different scenarios for headland turning are supported: 
o    Turn is launched by pressing the ETURN button through the operator at                 actual vehicle  position
o    Turning on Headland line
o    Turning on already worked Headland tracks
o    Turning inside field boundary


This functionality improves line acquisition by using a pre-planned acquisition path.  Driving on the headland, the Turn-In feature will steadily determine the best suitable track for line acquisition respecting the current conditions (speed, machine orientation, min. turning radius, etc.). The pre-planned track will be displayed to the user on a map view.  The user will already see the track to be driven in advance. 

As long as the steering system is disengaged, the Turn In feature will provide continuous suggestions. The user can influence the Turn In path by turning the steering wheel. 

Once engaged, the last displayed Turn-In path

becomes fixed and the steering system will follow

this path during line acquisition procedure. 

Harvest Work


Automatic Headland Management Sequence provides access to implement lift and implement sequence automation at headlands. In addition to increasing the efficiency of implement management at headlands, this feature also frees the operator to perform other tasks such as implement monitoring, etc.

Sunset Harvest


AgJunction offers the entire ISOBUS software package that includes Task Control (TC), GEO, Rate and Section Control (SC), Prescriptions, and Universal Terminal (UT).  Task Control consisting of BAS, SC and GEO components in support of Precision Agriculture Operations.

ISO TC BASBAS provides Basic data logging of implement provided data and brings support for task management.


ISO TC GEO:  GEO adds geo-referenced application management  for rate control  based on field position. This is sometimes referred to as Variable Rate Application (VRA) and includes support for prescription or application  maps.


ISO TC SC:  SC offers Section Control for precise control of implement  sections to better control where your field is worked.

ISO UT:  UT is the Universal Terminal display interface (formerly referred to as VT or Virtual Terminal). This is the user interface that allows the user to interact with each machine.



AgJunction offers telematic and cloud software solutions that are capable of collecting key machine data such as: location, machine error codes, engine information and more!

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