AgJunction Inc. Announces Voting Results for Election of Directors

HIAWATHA, KS, May 23, 2018 - (TSX: AJX) - AgJunction Inc. ("AgJunction") announces that on May 23, 2018 it held its annual general and special meeting of shareholders (the "Meeting").At the Meeting, shareholders approved the election of six nominees as directors of AgJunction to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are elected or appointed, with the number and percentage of common shares represented at the Meeting voting by way of ballot in favour of and withheld from voting for each of the individual nominees as follows:FOR WITHHELDNumber Percentage Number PercentageScott B. Edmonds 63,947,431 99.90% 63,460 0.10%Lori S. Ell 63,951,931 99.91% 58,960 0.09%Jonathan W. Ladd 63,786,511 99.65% 224,380 0.35%Ryan J. Levenson 63,946,931 99.90% 63,960 0.10%Jose F. Suarez 56,989,931 89.03% 7,020,960 10.97%David E. Vaughn 63,778,335 99.64% 232,556 0.36%_______________________________________________________________________________________For further information:MediaJeff Morris, Corporate Communications, AgJunction1-510-933-4808jmorris@agjunction.comInvestorRelationsLioliosCody Slach, Managing

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