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AgJunction has a wide range of software capabilities that can be integrated to your new or current hardware and software.  Our engineers truly understand the demands of off-road and autonomous technology and create solutions for speed and ease.  Below you can read about some of our main software capabilities:

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AgJunction has an automatic steering software module that offers maximum interoperability with diverse GNSS, displays, sensors, communication devices, and vehicle interface systems. AgJunction controls provide flexibility to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Value-Added Resellers (VAR) to select the best features to build a high-performance autosteering solution.

We have the most comprehensive intellectual property in the industry.  Our engineers truly understand the demands of off-road and autonomous technology are are specialized in machine control across unpredictable surfaces.

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A=B straight
With the A=B mode a pattern of straight parallel lines can be created by defining a straight reference line with two points (A,B).

In addition to A=B, a straight reference line can be created by defining a start point and the heading direction. The heading direction is related to north (0°).

A=B Contour
With the A=B Contour mode the user can create a pattern of identical curved parallel lines by using the same logic as in A=B mode. 

Detour A=B Contour
Adaptive A=B Contour enables the user to adapt A+B Contour lines to changing field conditions (e.g. obstacles, etc.).  

With the Pivot mode the user can create a pattern of concentric circular lines by using the same logic as in A=B mode. 

Freeform Contour 
A contoured guidance line can be automatically generated by Path Planning at an offset from any nearby Boundaries, Headlands, or previously driven paths.


Pre-Planned Guidance
The Pre-planned Guidance driving mode allows the steering system to steer the vehicle along driving tracks of a “pre-planned” Track plan designed in a Farm Management Information Software (FMIS). 

Farming Field


This functionality automates the turning on headlands. The direction of turn and the next target track can be defined by the user. 

Different scenarios for headland turning are supported: 
o    Turn is launched by pressing the E-TURN button through the operator at actual vehicle           position
o    Turning on Headland line
o    Turning on already worked Headland tracks
o    Turning inside field boundary



This functionality improves line acquisition by using a pre-planned acquisition path. 
Driving on the headland, the Turn In feature will steadily determine the best suitable track for line acquisition respecting the current conditions (speed, machine orientation, min. turning radius, etc.). The pre-planned track will be displayed to the user on the map view, the user will already see the track to be driven in advance. 

As long as the steering system is disengaged, the Turn In feature will provide continuous suggestions. The user can influence the Turn In path by turning the steering wheel. 
Once engaged the last displayed Turn In path becomes fixed and the steering system will follow this path during line acquisition procedure. 




This functionality improves the accuracy of the implement lifting operation during any field operation. Example: automation of implement lift on headlands. 

Note: The operator is still responsible for the implement sequence management.

Harvest Work


Automatic headland Management Sequence provides access to implement lift and implement sequence automation at headlands. In addition to increase the efficiency of implement management at headlands, this feature also frees the operator to perform other tasks such as implement monitoring, etc.

Note: The headland sequence automation is split up into two parts, a component delivered by AgJunction that takes input from the operator and creates the trigger commands; and the OEM Sequence Management (OSM) that is delivered by the OEM.

Sunset Harvest


AgJunction offers to OEMs and VARs the entire ISOBUS software package that includes Task Control, GEO, Rate and Section Control, Prescriptions, and Universal Terminal.

o    ISO TC SC
o    ISO UT


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The Map View is a map-based representation within the display where vehicle position and various number of geographical information elements are displayed and documented via GNSS positions related to the current vehicle position. 

The Map View is a very central tool where geographical information of all applications can be displayed. Typical geographical elements besides vehicle position and movement are e.g. Coverage area, field boundaries, ref. lines, sections of an implement, As-applied maps / prescription maps, etc.



AgJunction has Android or iOS devices apps that can be used as a “User Interface” for autosteering and other applications such as Rate & Section Control.

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AgJunction offers a cloud software interface that is capable to capture key machine telematics data such as machine location. 

Barley Fields


AgJunction offers OEMs & VARs a dedicated Cyberstore that is capable to monetize on the sales of additional features.