Hiawatha, Kansas

Corporate and Administrative Offices & Outback Guidance Main Center

Situated in northeastern Kansas, Hiawatha is an agricultural-based community located in the heartland of the United States. The region is a natural fit for the new agricultural world headquarters for AgJunction.

Equidistant from both Omaha and Kansas City, Hiawatha offers all of the amenities of county seat America; a strong education system, modern recreation facilities, and family-friendly atmosphere, all within a short drive from both Omaha and Kansas City.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Global Engineering Center & Satloc Sales Office

With ample shopping, recreation, and beautiful weather, AgJunction’s office located in Scottsdale, Arizona is home to the global engineering team. Scottsdale has a small town feel while only minutes away from the big city. With Phoenix to the west, employees from the Scottsdale office often take advantage of nearby Diamondbacks baseball games, Cardinals football games, Suns basketball games and Coyotes hockey games. In fact, the Scottsdale office is walking distance to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies new spring training facilities.

Brisbane, Australia

Australian Engineering Center & Australian Sales Office

Brisbane is a picturesque city stretching across Australia’s eastern coast. The city is quickly becoming a world-renowned business hub. Brisbane prides itself on being a “Green City” with an abundance of waterways, parks, trails and open space. The office started as AgJunction’s main embedded software engineering facility and has grown into the Company’s Asia-Pacific distribution center.

Global Presence

AgJunction enjoys local representatives supporting agricultural production in numerous locations throughout the world.